Cornish Lithium to shine a light on the metal of the future in Gwennap | Cornish Lithium Ltd
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Cornish Lithium to shine a light on the metal of the future in Gwennap

This Summer, Cornish Lithium – an innovative exploration company that has been using digital technology to evaluate the potential of extracting lithium from the geothermal waters that circulate deep beneath historic mine workings – is planning to drill two or three test boreholes in the Gwennap area, following discussions with local landowners.

Lithium is a vital component of lithium-ion batteries, such as those that are used in electric vehicles and mobile ‘phones, and demand for this metal of the future is growing across the globe.

Records from Cornwall’s 19th century heyday as a producer of tin and copper show that lithium was contained within hot springs, which occurred naturally, deep within its mines. These waters are believed to circulate through natural permeable structures which act as pathways through the hard, impermeable rock.

The extensive mining for tin and copper that took place in Gwennap Parish in centuries past has yielded a wealth of information that suggests lithium may be present in geothermal waters beneath historic mine workings at United Downs.

“Our test boreholes will be approximately 1000m deep and 12cm in diameter, and intercept the geological structures well below known historic mine workings but significantly less deep than GEL’s United Downs Deep Geothermal Power Project,” explains Cornish Lithium’s Drilling Manager, Mike Round. “Our geologists will take samples from these boreholes to measure the amount of lithium that is contained within the geothermal waters. We are currently in conversation with local landowners and hope to agree on suitable drilling sites by the end of June.”

Drilling will be undertaken by a specialist contractor who has successfully carried out similar programmes across the UK and Europe, utilising a tried-and-tested, low-impact technique.

“The drill rig will be about the size of a large transit van and working hours and noise levels will be controlled in accordance with the requirements of Cornwall Council,” adds Mike Round.

“The Environment Agency will be fully consulted before the work commences, all drill sites will be fully reinstated and boreholes will be capped as soon as this work is complete. Our findings will guide Cornish Lithium’s future exploration programme, the aim of which is to assess the possibility and commercial viability of extracting lithium from geothermal waters in Cornwall.”


For further information about Cornish Lithium’s drilling programme, email or ‘phone Mike Round on 07717 290923.

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