Cornish Lithium seals exploration deal with UK’s Tregothnan Estates | Cornish Lithium Ltd
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Cornish Lithium seals exploration deal with UK’s Tregothnan Estates

Officials representing Cornish Lithium and Tregothnan Estates. Credit: Cornish Lithium Limited.

Cornish Lithium has signed an agreement to explore for lithium and develop resources contained in hot spring brines on land and mineral rights owned by Tregothnan Estates in the UK.

Under the agreement, Cornish Lithium is expected to be granted the rights to commercially develop other minerals discovered in the exploration process.

Cornish Lithium CEO Jeremy Wrathall said: “Whilst our current focus remains on lithium, this agreement means that if we discover other minerals, these too can be commercially developed across Tregothnan Estates’ land and mineral rights, which have historically been proven to contain significant mineral deposits.”

Historically, Tregothnan Estates has supplied tin, copper and China clay from its mineral deposits in Cornwall to markets all over the world.

Tregothnan Estates estate director Andrew Jarvis said: “Equally exciting is the prospect of finding other minerals and metals, which may well be discovered during the exploration process.

“We will be providing Cornish Lithium with unique access to a comprehensive set of mining archives compiled over centuries of mining activity which will give them an unprecedented advantage in locating the best mineralised sites.”

Cornish Lithium is focused on exploiting lithium in underground hot springs in Cornwall in the south-west UK.

The company is engaged in securing agreements with holders of mineral rights to undertake exploration, as well as the development of lithium-bearing brines.

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