A lithium industry in Cornwall? | Cornish Lithium Ltd
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A lithium industry in Cornwall?

Cornwall is famed for its long history of tin mining (look no further than BBC One’s Poldark TV series) but lithium mining? That’s a new one.

If junior miner Cornish Lithium has its way, we’ll be speaking of the area’s tradition of lithium mining in twenty years’ time.

It has secured the rights to prospect for lithium from other mining companies and a private estate, covering an area more than 15 miles wide.

Cornish Lithium is now looking for some investor backing to raise around £5mln to fund exploration work at the site to help it figure out the best place to start drilling.

“It would be good not just for the local economy but for all of the UK.” said the start-up’s chief executive Jeremy Wrathall. ”

“Lithium demand will exceed supply for the foreseeable future and I don’t think the industry can cope”