Cornish Lithium Ltd | Lithium exploration within Cornwall, UK
Cornish Lithium is focused on exploring for lithium within the hot springs that naturally occur beneath the surface in and around Cornish granites.
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Cornish Lithium is a highly innovative mineral exploration and development company focused on the environmentally sustainable extraction of lithium from geothermal brines in the historic mining district of Cornwall, UK. The company has secured agreements with the owners of mineral rights over a large area of the County and is using modern technology to re-evaluate the region for lithium and other vital technology metals such as tin, copper and cobalt. A secure domestic supply of such metals is considered vital to the industrial strategy of the UK as it moves towards the production of electric vehicles.

The use of modern digital computer technology has enabled the company to combine large historical datasets with satellite and other geophysical data to allow the reinterpretation of mineral potential in the light of modern extraction technologies. Cornish Lithium is proud to be a British company, headquartered in Cornwall, which currently employs 10 full-time geoscientists.

Cornish Lithium is conducting innovative research into mineral extraction and development in the UK and has secured Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) advance assurance as a “Knowledge Intensive” company. Cornish Lithium participated in a government funded project to use satellite technology to identify lithium in Cornwall and has recently been awarded funding from the prestigious Faraday Challenge fund as part of a tripartite study into the possibility of establishing a lithium processing facility in the UK.

Hot Springs

In Cornwall lithium is contained within geothermal fluids which circulate deep within sub-surface rocks


Recently developed technology allows lithium extraction from brine over a very short period of time yielding up to 99.9% purity


Rechargeable lithium-ion battery consumption is driving strong demand growth for the foreseeable future


Cornish Lithium has recognised the commercial potential of lithium contained in geothermal waters in Cornwall


Demand for Lithium has never been stronger, with Goldman Sachs calling it “the new gasoline” suggesting demand could triple by 2025


The time is right for the creation of a new lithium extraction industry for Cornwall, securing a UK supply of battery raw materials


Cornish Lithium is undertaking the largest single unified exploration programme in Cornwall’s history


Rights have been secured to explore for and commercially extract lithium and develop geothermal energy contained in the Cornish hot springs